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    Waking up on Halloween like


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  3. I don’t use kik dear. that’s how I know the person that threatened me, is lying XD I used it once, never sent pictures or videos through it. Also, i’m more worried about taking care of my boyfriend than talking to someone who probably only wants sex. From what I can see in your picture.

  4. Ok, to the person threatning to send my nudes with my face in them, and what video I sent on KIK [which i’ve never sent XD] to my family and everyone on the internet. Darling. Any pictures with my face in them, are from when I was 17 and younger, so you technically have child porn, and if you distributed it, you’d go to jail. Plus, you’re harassing me, and I have friends in high places, sooooo, you don’t scare me. Have fun with your poor, pathetic life. XD

  5. That’s funny cause I never send any videos through kik XD and if you post my pictures, I can always call the cops and have them track you down. It’s nice having friends in high places. So sweetheart, chill.

  6. “You came early into this world. You were such a wee thing. Oh, so frail, so fragile. I feared you wouldn’t make it. But your father… He never doubted. He always said you’d become the strongest of them all. And he was r i g h t.

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    Pedigree is on a nationwide recall.

    Pedigree made my 6 month old puppy too ill to eat anything for days.

    If you have this brand please toss it and buy Purina, Science Diet, or Blue.

    Please do not feed this to you animals.

    Do not buy this brand.

    It’s true

    James….james throw it out now!

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  8. Wish I could be so much more. But who I am now is fine.

    Wish I could be so much more. But who I am now is fine.

  9. First cold day in a long time. I feel great.

    First cold day in a long time. I feel great.

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    I find this so adorable :3💜

    THIS IS SO FUCKING CUTE. #thedream

    For Amber

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    > install body mod because the default shoulders

    > wait somethings not right here




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  13. A friend of mine bought me mochi

    A friend of mine bought me mochi


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